Art & culture through a virtual lens…

Thanks to CreativeMornings, and their vivid online community, l am happily discovering a wealth of virtual museums and interactive exhibitions.

Sharing the “virtual tours” link (via WhatsApp) to some like-minded friends subsequently led to a super suggestion to create a post “for all visual and creative people”. During these days of self-confinement, it feels timely to share a couple of “stand-out” platforms – to which you may feel compelled to further explore.

l am particularly finding Google Arts & Culture app highly insightful & innovative, with its extensive collection of museums, exhibits and interactive activities from around the world, including Monet: The Water Lily Pond, The National Gallery London. It is wonderful to be able to re-visit this captivating piece – online.

The British Museum London (in collaboration with Google) has created a impressive interactive piece which allows the viewer to explore a dynamic timeline of its collections. Via the medium of visual and audio, this site is best viewed as a desktop experience, and depicts a wide breadth of exhibits which can be explored at your own pace – beautifully enriching, it is definitely worth a virtual visit.

For someone who enjoys visiting art exhibitions on a regular basis, l am grateful that there are plenty of digitally based amusements to help me stay connected to the world of art and culture from the comfort of home – through this ever-evolving “virtual lens”.

Stay safe, stay healthy.

Gif source: / Vincent Van Gogh ┬┤The Starry Night┬┤, 1889.

Animals at large – WWF Together App

The animal kingdom has long fascinated me. My trips to Africa and Asia, have fortunately allowed me to take the opportunity to observe animals in their natural environment. These trips truly hightened my awareness, leaving me with an in-depth sense of awe and wonder. The visual delight (spent one late afternoon in September 2011) of watching a giraffe family slowly meandering against a backdrop of the Tsavo West National Park landscape will be a moment forever etched in my memory.

Thankfully, since 1961, the World Wildlife Fund continues to educate, support and make new discoveries. Their appetite to invite us to learn and contribute knows no bounds, and recently l made the exciting discovery of the creative WWF Together App’ – a visually rich & playful interactive experience.

l warmly invite you to explore the award winning WWF app, enticing you to learn, play and above all generate awareness of the many stunning species who share the planet with us.

Oh, and look-out for the origami animals currently roaming around on the app!