Letterpress in motion

Just imagine my excitement, when l came across this engaging Letterpress film created by talented graphic designer –┬áNaomie Ross. Beautiful in style and technique. l’ll let the moving pictures do the talking… Enjoy!

Letterpress finesse!

Having recently completed a birthday visual piece, which celebrated the traditional Letterpress printing technique, l feel an aligned wave of synchronicity to have come across this beautifully designed calendar project from Linda & Harriet.

Based in New York, Linda & Harriet is run by designer Liz Libre & marketer John Libre. The well-loved Letterpress technique is at the heart of their monthly projects, and l find this particular calender idea captures the fine art of the Letterpress form in a visually inspiring manner.

Wellington boots illustrating the month of April! Delightfully quirky and amusing to the eye, which will surely bring a smile to those April showers!

Another aspect of this calender that also makes it fun, is the postcard feature on the back, enticing you to cut and send at the end of each month.

Simply an aesthetically pleasing, interactive and collective piece!