Celebrating the delights of Edinburgh

This vivid ‘Edinburgh Skyline’ screen-print by illustrator Kate McLelland joyously takes me back to my halcyon student days spent at Edinburgh College of Art (ECA). l was thrilled to discover that Kate is now studying for her MA in Illustration at this innovative college. l’m truly delighted to have a fellow ECA student join me on Looking Glass!

The rich and opaque colour tones of green and orange capture the magical charm of this vibrant Scottish capital, and l adore the simplistic forms of the famous landmarks, such as Edinburgh Castle and Calton Hill. l can almost hear the playing of the bagpipes, as l view this captivating scene.

l find the style of Kate McLelland’s illustration work bold in shape and colour, which speaks to me in a beautiful contemporary, yet elegant manner. Creating simple clean lines while still retaining an eye for detail.

Beloved Edinburgh, with its nooks and crannies, is a treasured memory, and has become a well of creativity that l will lovingly continue to draw inspiration from.

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