A porcelain take on the postcard

With summer slowly coming to an end, l have been fondly looking through the many postcards that friends, and family have kindly wrote to me over the past few months. There’s something rather endearing about receiving a postcard through the mailbox, reading about people’s adventures, admiring the stamp design, and smiling at the squeezing of text into a designated space. Such mail can also makes a refreshing change from regular post too.

This witty take on the postcard by the contemporary home and life accessories company Bailey Doesn’t Bark (TM) is most certainly an innovative portrayal of the classic postcard format.

You simply write (or draw) your message onto the mug, leave to dry, and pop into the oven to bake, and there you have it – a permanent postmugTM set in porcelain.

Writing a postcard has been given a freshly interactive twist!

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