Creating a visual voice = playtime

My love for making “visual ideas” sketchbooks began during my student days, and it is an activity that continues to nurture my playful and creative spirit.

l tend to start visual thinking in my minds eye, which then leads to carving out my visions onto paper via my A5/A6 sketchbooks. l have started to see my sketchbooks as a journey – a space that evolves over time with the development of ideas – capturing a colourful reflection of a “moment in time”, documenting various moments of my creative path.

It’s always exciting to start a new fresh book with bare crisp white pages, as l never quite know the direction l may go in, and the vibrant forms that start to take shape never ceases to give joy in my quest to quench my creative thirst.

Whether it be a textured piece of paper, a tactile cut of fabric, a charming illustration that perfectly fits a visual that l am creating, or the written word that matches the mood, for a vision that is taking form in my mind…l have fun playing around with concepts, giving them a visual voice that l eagerly seek as an artist/designer – generating a long-lasting piece of “pictorial happiness” for the intended recipient.

Such sketchbook playtime makes my soul sing.

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