Force of Nature

It was an immense pleasure to collaborate with artist Sandra Ondraschek-Norris on a book project, drawing together a collection of her landscape paintings. And over the years, l’ve been fortunate to observe Sandra’s work during the various stages of the artistic process. Sandra’s studio is an inspirational sight for the creative eye – a glimpse of a painting in progress (propped up against an easel), has left me on many an occasion with a sense of eager anticipation on being able to view the finished piece.

Growing up on a farm, against the rugged coastal backdrop of County Donegal, Ireland, memories of this changeable seascape proves to be a well of inspiration, inviting Sandra to capture nature’s ebb & flow with her signature style of brushstroke.

Ever reflecting her environment, Sandra’s conversations with nature continues not only with her homeland, but also with the vivid landscape of the Zürichsee (on the doorstep of where she resides), along with the dramatic shape of the nearby mountains.

The design concept for the book itself was to give a sense of “looking through a window “- drawing the reader into the rich, indepth textures of nature. For the biography pages, tonal greens were chosen to give a sense of earthy warmth to the pages. Inside, a solid black background template was created to frame each piece of artwork, allowing the eye to focus on the rich colours of the paintings.

Looking at Sandra’s paintings, leaves me with one final thought …tis a beautiful “Force of Nature“.

*The book can be purchased via the Blurb bookstore.

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