The Long Night of the Museums was a beautiful and insightful journey, with discoveries have been processed and explored, l felt inspired to create this visual map to capture the evening.

Commencing from the floating wooden platform, l watched a series of short films. A collection of stories bringing together various local professions and artists – compelling in topic in conjunction with the artists individual visual approach to story-telling.

Moving on through-out the evening, l found myself falling down a rabbit-hole via a set of charming book illustrations by Zurich-born artist Hanny Fries, complimented by a live musical performance, extracted from the classic novel… Alice-in-Wonderland...this was duly followed by a colourful ride on Moroccan carpets at the Museum Bellerive – striking in textile medium and traditional craftsmanship!

A few tram stops later, l mused over many an art piece at the Museum Haus Konstruktiv… “Thinking Outside of the Box” – happily leading me to the outside bar to enjoy a colourful drink and engaging conversation under the twinkling stars and fairy lights.

To round off the long night, l slowly made our way up to the Kunsthaus to view the retrospective on the diverse works of artist Francis Picabia.

In the wee small hours, a visual feast for the creative mind, had been fully enjoyed. Food for thought indeed.

*Visual Investigations image: © Elizabeth Hitchman

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