A sprinkle of poetic prose…

´Magic is cloaked under the blanket of gratitude´…

In 2019, following years of writing down thoughts and poetry, writer and poet, Maria Kouka was gifted a 1920´s typewriter by a loved one. This set her on the path of visualising her poems with a delicate, endearing and timeless approach.

Reflecting the fragility and beauty of the written word, this particular poem by Maria Kouka inspires me to wrap myself up in all that l am grateful for, all the richly blessings and magic that sprinkle my own precious life.

Maria warmly describes her goal…

´to connect with people through the power of my treasured words, and hope that they find comfort, healing, and inspiration through them; all whilst knowing that we share some of the same life experiences´.

The idea to connect with people through her poetry has led Maria to scatter her poems all over the London. An innovative spark of artistic and interactive brilliance which truly speaks to my creative soul!

You can discover more about the project – London Poetry Treasure, watch the related playful reel (Highlights/ Found poetry), and explore further prose, affirmations and quotes on Instagram. For original prints, personalised vows, and other artistic delights head to her website.

A plethora of prose and verse, to captivate the heart, magically awaits…

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