D is for…dream catching

Every journey begins with a new step. l find this statement exciting, it carries a heady sense of exploration, possibility, and promise. This carefully chosen note-book sits perfectly aligned with the origami wish-boat, instinctively named ´Dream Catcher´.

With a joyful feeling of renewed creative buoyancy…as the year unfolds, l wonder where my dreams will take me ?

l love the idea of catching my dreams (even dreams still to be realised) – with imagination, meaning, curiosity and insight as my fellow travellers. Naturally visualization (in its various forms) plays an integral and creative role – my daily tool at play.

Wishing you all sparkly dream catching.

Cut and & paste

With an accomplished background in textile and interior design, Denise Fiedler has successfully expanded her exploration of textures to a creative project called ‘Paste’. Re-discovering in 2009 vintage books and flashcards which she had collected over a number of years, Denise came up with the idea to turn these new-found materials into handmade cut and paste collages.

l happily browsed through the visually enchanting ‘paste’ collection, and my eye was drawn to these cleverly constructed paper gems – Marie Antoinette looking most regal yet playful with a couple of colour birds nested in her hairpiece, a beautifully constructed typewriter reminiscent of a bygone era. And a beady green-eyed tabby cat along with a friendly-faced terrier waiting patiently to be adored.

The ‘paste’ dogs and cats wall of fame delightfully nurtures my love for pets and for paper-play.

Welcome to Flow – an exhilarating paper playground

l was introduced to the creative charms of Flow by artist friend Sandra Ondraschek, who on a trip to Edinburgh wrote, “I thought of you as I picked up a copy of ‘Flow’ (magazine) and wondered if we had talked about it?”. lt was early morning when l read her e-mail, yet l felt immediately compelled to discover this sparkling jewel for myself…

Pure delight swept over me as l set out on my journey and explored my first port of call – the Flow app. Smiling to myself, l read the editors note to the tapping sound of the typewriter – just lovely! The attention to each (imaginative) detail was a wonderful start to my design day!

Founded by Creative Directors, Irene Smit and Astrid van der Hulst, Dutch-based Flow magazine celebrates its fifth anniversary and l have a feeling it will continue to flow for many more years to come.

Published eight times a year and with a recent international launch, (English copy being published twice a year) Flow is a visual feast, offering inspiration, insights and solutions for paper lovers. A paper playground which brings enjoyment to me on a daily basis.

It’s pure joy to plan my agenda, write letters and cards utilising the various “Flow” items as a source of visual creativity.

Welcome to Flow, a gloriously vibrant hub of paper innovation, a positive energy field which lights up the path of inspirational creativity!

* Photograph credit: ‘Flow Book for Paper Lovers’ by Elizabeth Hitchman


Dot-to-Date your way through the year

What a wonderful way to spend the calender year, plotting your way through British made ´Dot-to-Dot´ – a playful piece, designed by Dan Usiskin. Each design takes a well-known London landmark and invites you to join the dots in your choice of medium. Perhaps you may feel inspired to brighten up Nelson’s Column with an array of coloured crayon derived dots, or for the tactile stitcher, weave colourful threads to join up the dots on the London Eye?

l like the idea of taking an object which helps navigate our schedules, and customizing each month with a moment of creative expression. This calendar will surely enrich the working space.

Dan tells me that due to the global success of the Dot-to-Date London Edition, he has plans in the artistic pipeline to create a World Edition…watch this space…

I love Paris in the springtime, I love Paris in the fall…

How charming to travel through enchantingly paper-made Paris!

This exquiste parisian delight was created by artist and designer Joel Henriques – founder of ‘Made by Joel’ Set up as an art & crafts platform, ‘Made by Joel’ encourages us all to explore the playful process of creating.

DIY Animated Walk Through Paris’ and Paper City Paris’ are wonderful examples of how one can simply print out templates, cut & paste a city together, making it come alive via imagination and interactive story-telling. As part of the series, there is even a travel-size version, which fits rather snuggly into a mint box – perfect for amusement en route. l delightfully invite you to explore ‘Made by Joel’ … look out for the ‘Café Wire Sculpture’ and the colourful ‘Paper Circus Rider Toy’.

Happy paper play!

A typographic wonder

With a pencil, ruler, compass point, stacks of paper, along with a steady hand, Australian based designer and artist Bianca Chang guides her blade, to produce what can only be described as works of pure paper wonder.

Taking typography as the subject matter, Bianca hand plots and cuts stacks of paper to create 3-dimensional typographic compositions forming beautiful patterns and in-depth shadow play.

l feel intrigued by the unique concept of cutting stacked sheets of paper in such a way that allows letterforms to be transformed into fascinating sculptures.

It’s surely a wonder to see the paper medium in all its purity, being treated with such typographic artistic flair!

Classic objects with a paper twist

WOW! This was the first word that came to mind, when l discovered these glorious paper creations by textile designer/artist, Jennifer Collier.

l look with awe at the magic that is woven to design such classic objects from paper. Treating paper as a piece of cloth, and utilising various textile techniques, Jennifer creatively explores the art of re-construction  – breathing new life into objects, and materials that may be discarded or simply forgotten…

Serving as a vibrant form of creative inspiration, the artistry of paper, can be found not just in its natural form, and transformation, but also in its ability to inspire.

How profoundly beautiful!

Exquisite paper cuts

These outstanding paper-cuts by Sad Giraffe, beautifully reflect the skill and mastery which can be found in the form of paper play.

l am highly impressed with the intricate attention to detail that the founder of Sad Giraffe – Brandon Flyg, takes with each piece that he sculptures. Each piece is hand-cut with an X-acto knife, using durable recycled paper, and can take several hours to create!

These images cleverly show just how delicate the paper actually is, which gives the paper-cuts such an exquisite touch.

My attention was especially drawn to the “French dress” series, some of which, l have chosen to showcase on Looking Glass. With regal and opulent flair, the 8 x 10 elegantly dressed lady magnificently comes to life.

On a conservation note, much of the proceeds generated by these splendid paper-cuts are given to animal charities, which is l feel is simply heartwarming, and most noteworthy.

Taking a walk on the wild side

When l look into the big, colourful eyes of these paper animals – aptly named, ‘The Wild Bunch ‘, l can’t help but be amused! Founded by Madeleine Rogers in 2001, Mibo has creatively expanded its original collection of designer lampshades to textiles and paper projects.

‘The Wild Bunch’ is one set out of six paper animal kits that can be purchased, and brought to life with the simple tools of scissors, a ruler and glue.

For as long as l can remember, l’ve been particularly fascinated by the structure and nature of the giraffe. To combine the thrill of assembling an endearing 3-D version of this beautiful creature, and to admire it’s shape and form when completed, truly captures the spirit of paper play.

l for one, am most delighted to learn that Mibo has extended its range of lighting and homewares to paper projects, which l feel will create much enjoyment for children and adults alike.

Have fun exploring the wild side!