Exquisite paper cuts

These outstanding paper-cuts by Sad Giraffe, beautifully reflect the skill and mastery which can be found in the form of paper play.

l am highly impressed with the intricate attention to detail that the founder of Sad Giraffe – Brandon Flyg, takes with each piece that he sculptures. Each piece is hand-cut with an X-acto knife, using durable recycled paper, and can take several hours to create!

These images cleverly show just how delicate the paper actually is, which gives the paper-cuts such an exquisite touch.

My attention was especially drawn to the “French dress” series, some of which, l have chosen to showcase on Looking Glass. With regal and opulent flair, the 8 x 10 elegantly dressed lady magnificently comes to life.

On a conservation note, much of the proceeds generated by these splendid paper-cuts are given to animal charities, which is l feel is simply heartwarming, and most noteworthy.

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