Fresh approach to breakfast

Breakfast can only be fun with these beautiful ceramic pieces, designed by Takae Mizutani and sons (sons being her two cats, Mooks & Guiness). l like Takae’s idea of looking at the world with child eyes, which in my mind generates a fresh approach to these everyday products.

The basic egg form has become rather majestic sitting upon its castle throne, and at long last, the humble solider has been elegantly transformed into a valiant hero, as it gallops towards the egg on its royal horse.

As well as being a wordplay on visual communication, my graphic design name ‘Seaglass’ originates from my love of the sea, and so when l came across this playful salt & pepper shaker, l simply smiled. Takae calls this piece ´Memory of Falmouth´ , which l feel is most fitting, as the sailing boat shape takes me back to smells of salty sea air, and endless childhood summer holidays spent along the sandy coastline coves of Cornwall.

A stylish breakfast table that conjours up nolstagic childhood memories – a joy to behold!

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