Nature reflected in paper

l hold a firm belief that creative inspiration can be found while enjoying a stroll through our natural habitat. The hand crafted collages and sculptors by Helen Musselwhite charmingly capture wildlife and their surroundings in the form of colourful bold paper shapes and strong graphic lines.

Inspired by folk and ethnic art, Helen Musselwhite truly has an individual style of working with paper. Each piece skillfully reflects the hand cutting, folding and scoring techniques, used on an extensive range of papers, which are often further developed to create muli-layers with textured and patterned surfaces. Generating a 3-dimensional fairytale like glimpse into the natural world.

The piece shown here is called “Number Tree”. As a graphic designer, l like the idea of combining images with typography, and l simply adore the wide-eyed colourful owls!

A splash of Helen Musselwhite’s colourful wildife art is surely a bright light shining, during these snow-laden winter days!

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