Creativity flows easily on rainy days

It was on a wintry December morning, when l discovered this gem – A History of Graphic Design for Rainy Days. A smile beamed across my face, as l took a peek at the book online. How utterly invigorating to find such a book that takes the reader on a illustrative journey of Graphic Design! Overflowing with bright graphics and fun activities, this entertaining book demonstrates the humor and creativity that can be found in the visual world of graphic design.

The graphic design agency behind this masterpiece is Studio 3. An in-school agency that is located within the Graphic Design Department of Westerdals School of Communication in Oslo. l believe Studio 3 exists on the steadfast foundation of raw talent – hand-picked 3rd year graphic design students – truly inspirational to all graphic designers!

They say lightening only strikes once, and yet Studio 3 keeps on giving… in the form of another book – Hyperactivitypography from A to Z. A vintage styled journey celebrating the beauty of typography.

Glorious in form and activity structure.


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