Introducing Juliette Chrétien

I’ve had the pleasure to work with photographer Juliette Chrétien on numerous occasions. The creative exuberance that she brings to each and every project makes her without a doubt, a joy to work with.

These exquisite and artfully-curated photographs beautifully reflect Juliette’s in-depth understanding of the subject matter, and innate ability to approach a project with a profound sense of curiosity and composition.

On a Seaglass note, it was Juliette’s gifted photography eye that brought the Seaglass brand to life. Our collaboration is celebrated through-out the consolidated platforms –  Seaglass – my graphic design business,  and Looking Glass – the sister platform which encapsulates a curated gallery of creative inspiration. These timeless commissioned pieces beautifully capture the fresh, translucent blueish green hues and unique structure of Seaglass, and powerfully capture the visual message of that which l wish to convey. Thank you Juliette for working your magic.

l warmly invite you, to explore further the unique work from Juliette Chrétien.

Credits images, © Juliette Chrétien

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