Three photographers, one planet, many stories…

The planet we inhabit has many a story to tell.

My invitation to the team at PlanetVisible included a request for each member to select one photograph which they felt captured the essence of their project. The response – three powerful images encapsulated with poetic and heartfelt words.

The collaboration between photographers Jean-Luc Grossman, Justin Hession and Pascal Richard sets out to explore, document and share photography stories from around the world.  Together, they travel across the planet – vast and hugely rich in its beauty and complexity. The collective passion for their craft is highly reflected in their work!

´Cape Verde Kids running down the Sand dunes´. ” The children of Cape Verde are an epitome of ´zest for life´.  At Salamansa Bay on the island of Sao Vicente, a large sand dune and a few old tires are enough to delight a whole horde of children. “Um, dois, três, shouts the elder, and soon everyone is whizzing down the slope at a blinding pace. Tirelessly, they climb the dune again and again with the tire over their shoulders. And every time they have the same happy smiles on their faces. “Sodade” is what they call this feeling, which means the longing for a beloved place, a loved one, or both, that seem inaccessible. We feel safe against it. But soon after returning home, it also affects us and the feeling will not disappear until the next trip to Cap Verde is booked.

´Burning Man photo of three whales and a bike´ “We are all on a journey, an inner journey…experiencing Burning Man from a photographers perspective was both challenging and rewarding. Leaving camp and wandering out into the desert sandstorms where 70,000 people could just disappear before your eyes leaving nothing for one to see but an impenetrable wall of sand. The reality mingled with fantasy and l loved that feeling…There was an inner peace in me. A time in which the essentials become visible to the heart…this is how the series of the “Silent Burningman” was born”.

´Man standing on isolated island´Solitude can bring negative emotions yet it’s the times of solitude that offer the greatest classroom. High up in the Norwegian Arctic we had plenty of time alone to contemplate the surroundings. Big wide open spaces void of all other humans with just the odd visit from the Arctic Terns. Some days were mystic, some angry, some calming but floating for 15 days like a cork tossed to the sea allowed us to explore our creativeness unhidden by any expectations. 

The carefully selected photographs for this posting reflect three very different journeys. yet all three images have the ability to captivate, and provoke further thought, each reflecting their own distinct perspective – capturing a wondrous moment in time.

For their next project the talented trio are looking to explore social issues, bringing their own visual approach to the subject matter.

With much gratitude, l invite you to explore the world through the eyes of PlanetVisible. Their photography stories may indeed inspire your own travels.

Photograph credits: Courtesy of PlanetVisible

Introducing Juliette Chrétien

I’ve had the pleasure to work with photographer Juliette Chrétien on numerous occasions. The creative exuberance that she brings to each and every project makes her without a doubt, a joy to work with.

These exquisite and artfully-curated photographs beautifully reflect Juliette’s in-depth understanding of the subject matter, and innate ability to approach a project with a profound sense of curiosity and composition.

On a Seaglass note, it was Juliette’s gifted photography eye that brought the Seaglass brand to life. Our collaboration is celebrated through-out the consolidated platforms –  Seaglass – my graphic design business,  and Looking Glass – the sister platform which encapsulates a curated gallery of creative inspiration. These timeless commissioned pieces beautifully capture the fresh, translucent blueish green hues and unique structure of Seaglass, and powerfully capture the visual message of that which l wish to convey. Thank you Juliette for working your magic.

l warmly invite you, to explore further the unique work from Juliette Chrétien.

Credits images, © Juliette Chrétien

Through that which is seen

Erin Tyner’s photography series Half Awake, is richly executed in concept and visual. By creating familiar settings within the miniature sphere of dioramas, emotions are open to exploration that may otherwise go unnoticed.

When looking at the individual images, l feel a strong sense of emotive movement. From the lady shielding herself from the elements, to the girl on a walk, whose head ever-so-slightly turns to peer into the lit house in the background. One can almost feel the wind whistling through the grass, pressing against an umbrella, heavy raindrops splashing upon a pavement, or the tension amidst the silence of the night.

Creating scenes that tell a story, evoking emotions via the medium of photography is a craft that Erin Tyner does with a natural flair of sensitivity and understanding.

Be captivated!

Introducing Justin Hession

Actress Lilith Stangenberg © Justin Hession

Dressed entirely in the 1950’s style a model looks out onto the modern 21st century streets-cape © Justin Hession

To work with the exceptionally gifted photographer, Justin Hession is an absolute joy! I’ve had the pleasure to commission Justin on several occasions, and he simply has this natural ability to capture the beautiful exuberance of a moment every single time.

When l look at his extensive portfolio of work, l can feel the rich glow of warmer climates, the striking ambience of an interior, or the drama of a city steeped in rich architectural history.

When l study his outstanding portrait photography, l can feel inner beauty, a second glimpse behind the eyes of another human being. l believe it takes a talented gift to capture portraits with such soulful authenticity, and for me Justin Hession has this rare gift in abundance.

Justin Hession can turn a spark into a flame – which in creativity terms, is highly inspirational.

And so without futher ado, I’ll let Justin’s photography do the talking…enjoy!