Introducing Justin Hession

Actress Lilith Stangenberg © Justin Hession
Dressed entirely in the 1950’s style a model looks out onto the modern 21st century streets-cape © Justin Hession

To work with the exceptionally gifted photographer, Justin Hession is an absolute joy! I’ve had the pleasure to commission Justin on several occasions, and he simply has this natural ability to capture the beautiful exuberance of a moment every single time.

When l look at his extensive portfolio of work, l can feel the rich glow of warmer climates, the striking ambience of an interior, or the drama of a city steeped in rich architectural history.

When l study his outstanding portrait photography, l can feel inner beauty, a second glimpse behind the eyes of another human being. l believe it takes a talented gift to capture portraits with such soulful authenticity, and for me Justin Hession has this rare gift in abundance.

Justin Hession can turn a spark into a flame – which in creativity terms, is highly inspirational.

And so without futher ado, I’ll let Justin’s photography do the talking…enjoy!

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