Aviation Advocacy

Annual Christmas message / visual communication / conceptual

While the summer sun is still high in the sky, my thoughts playfully turn to Aviation Advocacy and the annual Christmas message. Working with Andrew on the seasonal challenge has been and continues to be a source of pure creative joy.

The approach of injecting a sense of wit, combined with reflecting “on point” aviation topics, delightfully makes way for a dialogue of “smile-in-the-mind” ideas. l wholly enjoy developing our collective vision into visual pieces for The Aviation Intelligence Reporter (AIR) newsletter – Europe’s only totally independent monthly review and critique of developments in global aviation.

Besides the plethora of creative possibilities it generates, working on the annual seasonal message also enables me to expand my knowledge on the subject matter of Aviation, as well as gain fascinating insights into the field of this ever-evolving industry.

Client Testimonial

Andrew Charlton

Managing Director

Aviation Advocacy

l work with words – not normally something that makes designers´ hearts leap for joy. But Elizabeth´s respect for the words and image around them has given me a corporate image that is recognisable around the industry and regularly gets praise. It adds value to what l write. The annual Christmas message challenge, when we add a seasonal touch, is something l look forward to doing each year. Elizabeth brings her love of life and humour to the task of personalising our end of year mailing.”