Sandra Ondraschek-norris

Website project – design and creation

As a graphic designer who loves to explore my artist side, l was delighted when Sandra commissioned me to design her artist website. It was a joy to create a platform showcasing her richly inspiring pieces of work – paintings that capture themes and topics encompassing landscapes, nature, poetry and the fragility of life.

It was integral to display each painting in their entirety – reflecting their full beauty, to which the montage on the homepage captures so well. A feeling of curating an art exhibition was happily realised, as we developed each of the five galleries and the respective carousel element – balancing space and the relationships between each painting within themselves, and each other.

It would be true to say that this project has enabled me to evolve my knowledge of website creation, as well as act as a beautiful reminder of my love for art – a connection of artistic expression which nurtures the creative spirit.