Global Express Association

GEA – four page “fold-out” brochure / infographics / key messaging

It was with creative curiosity that l took on this brief – commissioned by the Global Express Association – the global trade association for the three leading express delivery carriers: DHL, FedEx and UPS.

Originally set as a smaller piece to communicate the term ´de minimis´ (referring to thresholds) in the e-commerce era, the topic soon developed into a wider conversation – making way for a series of infographics which l highly enjoyed developing with my client.

Creating visuals that communicate a complex message in a simplified manner is a task which as a graphic designer and visual communicator makes my heart sing. l truly enjoyed working on this piece which allowed me to explore and have fun not only on a variety of layout solutions and formats (including a digital adaptation) , it also opened up the opportunity for me to transform key messages into stylish infographics. The final result – an engaging and informative fold-out. Beautiful!

Client Testimonial

Carlos Grau Tanner

Director General

Global Express Association

We hired Seaglass again, this time to help us present a complex policy proposal on taxes and duties on e-commerce — not a simple task.  Liz was great and very creative in suggesting a visual design. She was also very responsive to our constant fine-tuning requests, of which there were many as we developed our thinking and messages.  The end results are both a high quality ready-to-print ‘gatefold’ leaflet and a series of crisp graphics that help convey our concepts in a simple and visually attractive manner.

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