Playful pencils

The classic pencil form has certainly been given a new lease of life by Margaret Haas, founder of Paper Pastries. The concept of implementing pieces of random knowledge, and phrases onto a set of pencils adds a complimentry, and playful dimension to the functional aspect of the pencil.

Paper Pastries is a haven for people who enjoy tactile, playful stationery, from rubber stamp sets to unique Moleskin notebooks. One can’t help but get a warm feeling of printing nostalgia with a contemporary twist, when browsing this online store. Each piece of stationery is hand-stamped, adding to the authentic spirit of bygone days, and the pencil sets come in a fine muslin bag.

On a personal Looking Glass note, the shape of the classic pencil takes me back to memories filled with anticipation of starting a new school term. And l have found to my amusement, that the feeling derived from working with a freshly sharpened pencil has happily stayed with me, in the form of a ritual – before embarking on a new project, l sharpen a pencil in preparation for fresh creativity.

These pencils from Paper Pastries are perfect to carry on this much-treasured tradition.

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